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About Vive

So, uh, why?
Well, there weren't any GUI frontends to encode video for my brand new iPod Video that I got for Christmas. So, I whipped up a Bash script, and then realized that nobody likes popups, so here we are at Vive.

Why "Vive"?
Well, my buddy Ian is really to thank for this. We were trying to come up with names for it, and he says, "VIVE! Vive Is a Video Encoder!" I loved the name, but also because the word "vive" in Spanish, pronounced VEE-vay, means "it lives." This would explain the logos. I decided to stick with Vive Is Video Encoding just because I liked the acronym better. Besides, what's another Linux program without a recursive acronym?

Who are you?
Just a college student in Boston who had a problem and solved it. Now, I'm giving that solution to the OSS community.

So, what's it do?
In short, it's a GUI for ffmpeg. In long, it's a GUI for ffmpeg with a few bells and whistles. It's got presets for those of us that are confused by too many options, or it gives you all the options. Your pick.

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